Cataract Testimonials

Sam“After dark, when I was driving, the dashboard lights didn’t seem to be bright enough. My wife said, ‘Sam, the lights are bright enough. There is something wrong with your eyes.'”
– Sam Origlio, M.D. (Retired Surgeon)


Archie“I’m almost 78 years old and see as good now that I have had cataract surgery as I did when I was 30. My doctor told me that chances are, if I live to be 100, my eyes might be the best part of my body.”
– Archie Fox (Parole Officer)


Helen“After cataract surgery, I feel like a kid again. I can just jump in the car and take off. I didn’t realize when I had cataracts that I was flying blind. Now, everything is so clear.”
– Helen Brown (Homemaker)


AJ“After cataract surgery in my first eye, I was flabbergasted at the bright colors. It was as if everything got a new paint job. Brand new vision. I couldn’t wait to have my second eye done.”
– A.J. Montoya (Realtor)


George“I was back playing professional music within a week. I’d tell everybody to have cataract surgery. Don’t put up with poor vision because if you could see well when you were 30 or 40, you could see that well again.”
– George Martin (Musician)