The retina is the innermost tissue of the eye that processes light coming in and sends signals to the brain through the optic nerve to process vision.  Damage to the retina can result in reduced visual acuity, despite corrective lenses.  It is imperative to have a healthy retina for clear vision.  Conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic and or hypertensive retinopathy, and retinal tears or detachments, are among the most common conditions that cause a threat to the integrity of the retina.  Many times these conditions can be treated or mitigated with careful care with a retina specialist.  

Macular degeneration is a common condition that causes decrease in central vision due to a deterioation of the macula.  Although macular degernation is incurable, the conditon can be mitigated with close monitoring, UV protection through the form of sunglasses, nutrient suppliments through green leafy vegetables and vitamins that contain lutein and xeaxanthin.  Advanced cases of macular degernation that cause bleeding and fluid leaking in the macula need to be treated and monitored with injections and care with a retina specialist. 

Patients with diabetes and hypertension can get retinopathy in the retina due to damage and weakening of the blood vessels, the most common of which is diabetic retinopathy.  High sugar levels or blood presssure levels can lead to bleeding and leakage in the back of the eye, along with edema or swelling.  Controlling the vascular conditions can lead to a resoltuion of the retinopathy in the early stages; however moderate or advanced stages of diabetic and or hypertensive retinoatphy can lead to permanent vision loss and may require treatment with a retina specialist in the form of injections and or laser treatment. 

Retinal holes, tears, and detachments can occur spontaneously or as a restult of a traumatic event.  Treatment entails laser photocoagulation or cryopexy treamtents around the holes, or tears to seal the retina. In the case of a detachment, oftentimes a gas bubble (pneumatic retinopexy) is injected into the eye to push the retina back into place against the wall of the eye.  A scleral buckle or a band around the eyeball can be used to push the wall of the eyeball towards the retina. 

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