Family Eye Care

Family Eye Care Temecula
California Eye Professionals provides comprehensive eye care for your entire family. Our team of Riverside County optometrists and ophthalmologists work together to ensure that your family’s eye health needs are met, whether the patient is 3 or 93!

Regular and periodic eye examinations are imperative in preventative health care for your eyes. Early diagnosis and treatment of vision and ocular health conditions can help reduce vision loss and damage to the eyes for both children and adults. We recommend our patient’s have an examination once a year.

Oftentimes, children’s vision problems may go unnoticed until a comprehensive examination is performed by an eye doctor to assess eye muscle movement and alignment, binocularity, visual acuity and prescription,and the overall health of the structure of the eye. Bring your family in for an examination today!

Cal Eye Pros has a wide selection of eyeglass frames for children and adults and we can also fit specialty eye wear such as computer glasses and sports and safety goggles. In addition, we offer contact lens fittings for children and adults if appropriate.

Cal Eye Pros also offers LASIK for adults seeking to improve vision without glasses or contacts. Call or complete a request for a complimentary LASIK consult to see if you are a candidate! 

Family Eye Care